Trader Alliance Embassies on Neptune

Greetings traders! Your friendly neighborhood arms dealer here with some exciting news! We have opened two new facilities designed to benefit all traders: The LoT Aid Station on Trader Starter, and the Trader Alliance Embassies on Neptune.
LoT Starter Aid Station.
The goal here is to provide a secure place for new traders to go, learn some about the server and their fellow traders, and to get some much needed food, health, and gear. We will provide each visitor with 1 T2 Drills, 1 T2 Pistol, and Ammo for each. T2 Snipers also available on request. The facility is set up to do this all in a hands off manner, so that new players do not need to worry about the big bad Vets hanging around their planet, stealing up all their ores with their fancy mining laser wallies. New Traders requiring assistance can make their way to this site on the equator, marked by a public sv, and request assistance from any online LoT member. A series of coded boxes Dispense the much needed supplies to needy baby traders. Meanwhile, they learn about the importance of allying, and which factions in particular they should ally with BEFORE leaving to join their fellow traders on neptune.
Trade Alliance Embassies:
Situated on the east side of the green wall, on the lake in Northern hemisphere, this facility was an adaptation from an idea proposed by Kpt Kurt about a week ago, to provide a place where trade factions can participate in direct exchange trades and bypass the market costs, as well as the need for credits if they have none. 16 embassy offices exist at the moment, 8 Tier 1, and 8 Tier 2. Tier 1 offices are available to any trade faction who wants one, and can be designed and coded however they like. Tier 2 Offices are open only to factions with more than 10 members, and reside on the upper level of the building. Each T2 office has its own SV Landing pad, and two large LCD Panels in the market area. T1 Offices have access to 2 Small LCD panels each. On these boards you may post any non obscene message you wish, I recommend using it to introduce yourselves, give points of contacts/leaders, and tell people what trades you are interested in.
For example:

LoT Lonely Traders:
We are a reclusive and selective group of traders that work as a team to further the development of the faction. Those wishing to join us, may message MCProuty on Discord, or speak with him in Global.
We currently have a surplus of Iron, and Magnesium, and are interested in trading!
1 Stack of Cobalt, Copper, Silicon <- 1 Stack of Iron or Magnesium
1 Stack of Sathium <- 2 Stacks of Iron or Magnesium

I have pre-labeled a little over half of the offices, and currently have two constructed to faction specifications. At your earliest convenience, please contact MCProuty to set up your embassy office and display.


Nice work LOT! Good to see all those mean vets helping for a change. :slight_smile: