Trader Alliances, and Hurricane YouShouldaAllied

Greetings all! So ever since the alliances got reset and set to optional, Myself and the rest of LoT have been trying our hardest to ally all Traders and Guardians in a united front. We have sent alliance requests to all factions of these two origins, but only gotten answers from less than ten of them. Meanwhile Neptune has become a death trap for traders because of this, with so many non allied traders camped here, and not bothering to ally, that we are killing each other daily.
This stopped last night. If you were in one of these factions that refused alliances and maintained any sort of base on neptune, it is gone now. I cannot find any other way to make it clear how vitally important alliances are for our side of the server. With pirates, it is all well and good to have each faction lone wolf, and to a lesser extent hunters too. But the people who choose Guardian or Traders do so looking for a united front, and a chance of working together to survive. We NEED those alliances to do that. So from here on out, particularly if you are a trader, but also for guardian, SEND ALLIANCE REQUESTS to ANY non allied factions. Even if you are only one person living in space by yourself. Ally. It doesnt cost you anything, and keeps us from blasting each other on warps.

We will continue to do our best to make it clear why all traders and all guardians must be allied. To that end:
Hurricane YouShouldaAllied will strike again on a regular basis, and will not be giving any further warning or comms in chat. After our multiple ambushes last night by LBP, we will no longer be communicating in Global, except to answer incredibly non specific questions. Any personal requests made of LoT may be sent over Forum PM to myself.

EDIT: I am expanding this post to serve as an alliance board for trader origin factions
Here is the idea, if you in faction xxt want to ally with faction yyt, post here, as well as in global to make sure there is an easy way to see if someone is trying to be friendly, even if their turrets dont make it seem that way. This afternoon I will compile a list of all TRADER factions LoT is allied with, and post below. It is my hope that these factions will then ally with each other, since they know that these other people are interested in allying and do respond.


Been sending out ally requests every time I login. Got many others ignored. Yesterday I kept getting killed by faction pyr on Neptune so I took out his CV. This morning my entire new base and CV was leveled. So what good did all that allying do? Maybe I should reset as a pirate just for revenge.

excuse me but that is bullcrap and you know it. the only thing active on that cv was 4 mini-gun turrets and i was offline and i have sent you multiple alliance requests. you not only killed the cv but you killed my noncombat hv, finished off my sv and then proceded to take everything i didn’t log off with and basically left me with nothing. and i have tried to ally with you multiple times while you were online.

so i returned the favor, you could have easily just taken out the turrets if it was really a problem and i would have at least understood. but noooooo you had to take almost everything i had.

Never saw a request like you never saw mine. My last base was totally taken out in the same manner for the same reason by the “Trader Police” when they could have just taken out the turrets (despite the fact that a couple were under water). Just playin’ the same game. Although they did supply me with some matts as a consolation. I think that instead of a base I’ll just visit once and a while and leave behind a dozen turret HV’s just for shits and giggles.

We did that to stress the importance of trying to ally with other traders, despite the bugs in the invite system. If it gets to the point where people just cannot figure it out, we may need to ask that no turrets larger than minigun be placed on neptune.

This is the issue that we are trying to avoid. Auto turrets hitting your sv because you flew over an unallied base is not the same as them attacking you. you going to their base and destroying a cv is. And yet you are surprised that they then attacked you? Seriously. Just dont put up turrets and youd be safer. Or just do pulse laser. they wont one hi KO a ship, but will keep em away.

ya all i had on it that were functional was 4 mini-gun turrets with not much ammo, they would have been easy to pop in even a cheap basic SV.

We (DMT) have also been getting shot a lot by other trader factions, there are 3 of us who are sending ally requests daily and still finding very few accept even when they are online at the time we send invites… we are traders and should not attack unless in defence. however this is our home planet so from now on we will not fly away from bases when attacked but instead destroy the core and walk away because it seems our only defence against ignorance is to give these ppl a reason to want to ally with us (not that our huge base and large number of turrets shouldn’t do that already). one of my members where in fact killed by a parked CV whilst in a none combat SV, we have taken it upon ourselves to rid this threat from other traders trying live a peaceful life, we will not hunt you down, just know that we will not allow our time to be wasted by your lazyness.

Again. There is a difference between attacked and shot at by auto turrets
Please remember this.

You understand that until someone is online and sees your alliance, you are that same threat, right? What server are you on?

we are on EU server, and we have people online almost 24/7 so we can almost always see faction requests come through on top of that, we do check the factions menu for ally requests on top, and as I said there are 3 of us sending these requests and being ignored even when they’re online.

constantly being shot by other players of the same faction type and having to pay for any dammage done all the time because people refuse, or are too lazy to ally with the rest of us is an attack on us, we might aswell invite them to raid us and destroy our cores every day… Another thing, you can ask people about DMT, anyone we have interacted with so far will tell you we’re friendly and are willing to help. attacking isn’t our goal as traders, but if we have to strike first to be safe on our own planet (for both our faction and others) then we will… it’s obvious by you making this post that you are also suffering from the same issue.

I really wasn’t surprised. All is forgiven. I am gonna build a base with no turrets and see what happens. Maybe that should be a rule on an origin planet since pirates or other origins cannot land on Neptune. But I’m a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall me - If I should get shot in the head by a another trader, or if I should hang myself in my jail cell - or if I’m struck by a bolt of lightning, them I’m going to blame some of the people in this room, and that I do not forgive. But, that aside, let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we’ve made here today."

Guys, i love this whole discussion, because it brings a whole new element to Empyrion:

Political Discussions!

Can you please elaborate on this statement MC?

Auto Turrets on planets are generally those on bases. These are non mobile threat zones. They will not chase you down, come to your base, or grief. They simply fire at targets in range. If you got hit by them:
2: contact someone over global and find out whose base it is
3: and ally with them
4: THEN get your stuff
If they are not online, Chances are LoT is allied with them. In that case if we are around, we can get your stuff. If they are NOT allied with us, we will disable the turrets and compensate the owners when they get back on. Do not seek vengeance on players and property for what their auto turrets did, because chances are they were no manually controlling them at the time.

So then why did you destroy my entire base when I never attacked you?

That was the initial push. First week after the patch where alliances were not auto applied. we tried for 5 days to get people to ally, but most ignored, or said oh someone else will request it of me. We came in and leveled all bases that ignored these warnings, not just yours, as a message. Alliances are important. The sentence you quoted is me talking about a base that is not allied, until the owners get back on and correct the allying issue. If they refuse alliances or do not act on it after a few days, they get leveled as well.

That’s why I took out PYR

Except that they had allied with us. And about half a dozen other factions at that point. This is one of the unfortunate point where solo factions are at a disadvantage, if no one is left online, alliance requests just disappear into the ether. I have had several complaints about your base as well, but rather than let them go and wipe you, I have asked them to wait and give you time to get on in order to ally with you.
We all know its a messed up situation bud. Trust me. I am just trying to make the most of it I can, while keeping everyone as safe from each other as I can. The best way to do that is stress the importance of alliances.