Trader Idea

So, since people tend to lose a lotta stuff in space due to pirates, glitch, incompetency (me), etc… Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a trading faction which sold ship insurance? Basically you’d pay a credit premium each week to the trader in question and you’d be covered for the ore cost of the ship due to “accidents” like leaving it in PvP, or getting blown up by pirates, or whatever. Plus, with the server combat log you can prove that your ship was damaged by another player (and investigate potential fraud). The only thing that’d be problematic is cost of premium and risk mitigation (it’s a video game, we’re gonna eventually blow up something!). Curious to see if anyone would go for that…

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Very interesting idea.
Can be supported with my idea in the future to have a “HWS Blueprint garage”. There you can upload your blueprint files, get transferred in credit costs and can then be spawned if having the credits in your bank. Kind of an artificial repair station :wink:
Also a connection to traders can be made after it…

Sounds like what goes on in EvE Online, however in its early stages this type of thing was greatly abused and still is somewhat today. Maximum reimbursement should be 50% or less of ores and the ship which was destroyed would need to fully despawn else this can be abused to get infinite materials provided people are patient enough to deconstruct remains. Please keep this in mind.

Of course. It is a lot work anyways and maybe planned for the future.
Anything what smells like abusement won’t go online :slight_smile:

Good point, although honestly if fraudsters wanna waste time making fake wrecks then deconstruct them I’d almost say it’s not worth it for them xD depending on the size of ship that could take a while.

This sounds like an interesting idea. I’m sure with some development, this could be a thing in the future. As a trader myself, I’m thinking of ideas to better engage other players while still in somewhat of an role play mindset or “In Character”.

+1 from me as I see more in the way of pro’s than con’s with the idea of insurance on ships and bases even.