Trader RP mentions blackmarket, but where are the black markets?


Trader - your friendly economy specialist at your service

+1 RP per day if visited planet Elemental Capital City
+3 RP if another origin bought your Black Market trades per day
+1 RP per day for living only in PvE ( no private / faction structure in PvP) [Starter systems excluded]

So after the new wipe I looked all over the galaxy, for the old black markets, only to find, they have all been replaced, with some kind of Alien POI thing.
Ok great. So on the starter, there was a trader station in space, just like the old BM ones.
Our trader RP guide mentions, black market trades, but the only one i found was in inception(starter space) so… how exactly do i get this +3 RP?
Are they perchance, proposing that if i simply sell something, at the ECC to a different origin,
Then this is “a black market trade” ???
I guess a little confused here, someone please clarify.


Elemental Trading is the same system as the Black Market trading, yes.

Black Markets in general are Adm structures which can be seen in orbit from anywhere for everyone.

Also make sure to check the Guide before you ask since we spent hundreds of hours in it and this is another unneeded overload.
Thanks for your understanding.