Trapped in Ray due to no Return Gate

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What happened: I parked my little SV loaded with goods at a gate in lawless home and decided to visit Ray since the website said its just another world to explore. I stepped through the portal and there was NO return portal just a pile of drones stacked on each other and trying to shoot me poorly because they were all on top of each other. I can’t get back home and I have a lot of goods waiting for me back home I do NOT want to repeat all this labor simply because of a glitch.

I’ve been trying to get out, hiding in a asteroid mining pentaxid and a space drone blows up my mini warpy shop. Then I realize you can’t even warp out! so thats when I realize that it was supposed to have a return gate but there wasnt one at all when I came through! Very frustrating.

If I CB:reset then i end up at beginning again. Relevel and all. If I die I can’t warp anywhere but fresh start.

Player(s) with issue: ourpitsfresh
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 12/20/17 4:07 pm
Playfield: Ray
Structure Name(s): Teensy
Structure ID(s): 1705510
How can we help you now:
Please a transport would save me hours. I wasn’t fighting other players, just trying to enjoy the server you guys setup. Would love not to have to wipe when it was not due to my own error.

Hello ourpitsfresh!

Sorry for this inconvenience experience!

I thought I had removed all teleporters from these bases… They should only appear on the Peacekeepers via the Blackmarkets.

I have warped you to your Teensy ship now.
If you need further help, please let me know

AWESOME! Thanks!

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