Trojan: Win32/Rundas!plock in helper lite v01.21

Microsoft is flagging this version of your admin tool as containing a root kit. I had to roll back to a previous version to keep the admin working on my server. I know sometimes these are false positives, but I cant even download this version off the web again without it being immediately quarantined. Your previous versions come up clean.

Please advise.

Just to confirm this, I have a test server on a separate machine at a different location that also flagged and removed your admin tool. Is anyone else seeing this? What’s the dealio?

Posting this reply from Jascha to an email I sent. This explains the issue. Thanks for getting back to me.

Hey David,

Sorry for the trouble.But I totally understand your fear and worrys. And Im happy you wrote.
I had that Problem once too with the Troajn warning (only on some machines), but I thought I fixed it already.
The problem is that I use a code protection (anti tamper, etc) that also causes some anti virus programms to warn you, since they see and think that someone hides his code. Which I obviously would like to do :(.

For example see this post: the last post. Confuser is one of those protection programs for developers. I will compile the Version again. Its just from time to time when I protect it that its flagged by AntiVirus Programms. Sadly there is not much more to get around it. I’m still new in the Code-Protection Area. Sorry for that.

We had this before too:

I will try to make a Version in a few minutes and send it too you. Hope that one is better. And I will see if I can turn a few protections off maybe.



Does it still happen with the new Verison?

I just ran it on my test server and it works great, thanks! Liked the new interface. =)

Question: I only copied over the .exe did any of the .dll’s change?


nice to hear that. Thx for the information.
Yeah better copy also the dll since some of the functions might have changed.

Wilco, and thanks again!