Turret Testing

Earlier today in the discord lobby there was a discussion on how many turrets can fire at once in 5.1. In 4.0 it is believed that only 21 on a CV could shot at once, So off to the test server.

Thanks to @RexXxus for lifting the turret cap on the Nova server for this test.

Test 1

In this test used just a prefab CV and mounted 34 artillery turrets to it. All turrets are empty and just loaded 34 rounds into the Ammo Box. The target taking the shots is just a 20k solid cube blocks with a core in the center.

At the 3:00 mark you can see all the turrets fire at once (sorry for the poor quality of the vid did not have time to upload higher quality)

With that question answered two more came up after this test.

  • The ship was only loaded with 34 artillery rounds and empty turrets, but it shot 3 volleys at the target with only enough ammo to fire one volley.

  • The second one was seeing the rockets travel through the cube and out the other side with out doing damage (aka lag shot) at the 2:44 mark

Test 2

This is just the same parameters as the first test, just trying to reproduce the lag shot and ammo bug

Again the ship shot two volleys at the target with out using any ammo and also at 1:17 mark you can see at least one missile passed through the ship and out the other side

Just a few side notes


Thank you for doing this.

Am I on crack about the active turrets per CV being limited before?

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