Two Issues

The first issue I encountered is the starting money I was given. My recollection is that my starting rep was around 200 at the wipe, but the credits I started with were around 800K. Given my understanding that we were supposed to get 7000k per reputation point, a look into this would be appreciated since I was expecting to receive about 1.4 mil.

Second, last night I purchased an epic pistol on the market. When I bought it, I looked to make sure it showed up in my “pending” tab after purchase. The next night, when I went to the planet it was located at and attempted to claim it from pending, it was no longer there. The price of the pistol was 95,000cr. I presently have 95,000cr on my person but I did a eb:payout:100000 command twice becasue the credits did not immediately show up, so having those credits is not inconsistent with buying the pistol. A look into this issue would be appreciated as well.

ETA: I bought something (a single ingot) on the market again to confirm that my purchase was successful. Just like it did with the pistol, the ingot showed up in pending in the same manner.

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