U$C - Scrapyard Limited Time Offer - Credits for your Scrap

Hello HWS Community!

For a limited trial period, I will be testing a concept of paying straight credits for your scrap.

How it works:

  1. As usual, hit me up in game, on discord or here in forums for a quote
  • I will provide an estimate payout for your vessel based on going market rates
  • Pricing is determined by the EM Marketplace prices for materials
  • Cash payouts will incur a 5% transaction fee over taking a block payout
  • Once agreed, follow standard procedure to deliver and change ownership
    • PIcking up your vessel may be an option, inquire within.
  • Get immediate payout following the swap of ownership of the agreed amount sent directly to your bank
    • Will require your bank account to complete the transaction - not responsible for incorrect accounts given once the payment has been sent.

Interested in feedback as to whether this would be an interesting option for those of you who are not interested in getting blocks for your scrap ships!

All other terms apply.

Come visit us in Arma Orbit (Be Allied!)

See you soon!

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