[U-P] says a big THX to [GDI]

Hi, we want say a big THX to GDI because you lent us your base. We all had big fun with it. So we could play a little bit with PKA FDM and IDV. I Think they had as much fun as we did!

Perhaps we could do this again?

Here are some Pictures.

PS: Great Base. It looks fine! really!. Its the best Base. We really love it. Its true
But we had to leave. So sad… Its true

But next time, see to it that there is more ammo for your towers in that base! And more food! thx

PS: Gareth I´m really sorry! Next time I kill only Zappes Mining SV! I promise!!!

Lol your such a troll

I think there should finally be a bounty on Stunners head. Nice Picture`s.

He is kinda asking for it

stunner sorry i think you have burnt your bridges with Gareth you can appologise as much as you want he’s not going to listen

That makes me Sad!

he is one of the few cool pka members!

and me I’m cool as well. Sorry I was not their to make your stay more comfortable.

Hmm yeah perhaps next time??