Unable to connect

Hi Guys,

Just checking if it’s just me or not as I have been trying to connect for the last half hour with no luck. It gets stuck at the “connecting to server” screen and just sits there playing the music. I can cancel and no problem logging into other servers.



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I seem to be experiencing the same issue. It’s showing nobody logged in (0/170) at the server browser list as well.

Oh yea, didn’t even see that.

Maybe not just us then.

Its becuz of our large scale war most likely on gold with 5ap, Gold planet always causes problems so they(admins) are working it out

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NA server is 0/170 and stuck at connecting…

I fully support that everyones having fun playing glitch wars on gold but is that really whats messing up the server for everyone?

Sorry guys I’ve messaged Rex but we are Europe so very early in the morning. I do not have access to the master only slave otherwise I would sort it.

Apologies on behalf of the team as soon as Rex or Jascha wakes they will sort it.

We appreciate your patience… Free popcorn and cookie booth open on Jagal tomorrow :smile:


I have the same issue just now. If you wait long enough the game just kicks you out to the main menu.

Must be a big one, five hours now for me.

Now getting an error, Unable to connect, already connected to server.

Weird, the guide says there is 4/170 people online.

Just managed to connect now. Only 13 in the server though.

Hey. Sorry. That is obviously not cool at all. Even more problematic that I don’t know why at first sight. Log crawling starting now…

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Thanks Rex, good luck.