Unable to log in - error on loading screen specific to our playfield (Concordia)


Myself and the others in SBA who logged off on Concordia are receiving the error: “You cannot connect to the server: All players were disconnected from Concordia due to a server problem. To contine pleae try to reconnect in a minute”

We have tried to log in various times over the past 12 hours and keep receiving the same message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We’re anxious to get our stuff into OCD before 5.0 :slight_smile:


Hey Churra,

yeah sorry. Dunno what the problem is :confused: Warped you for now away. Can you test if it is working? Maybe the problem is not the planet.

Thanks Rexxxus! Everything worked out great!

I was wondering - are you or any of your crew Blizzard Entertainment fans? I’d love to send you something if so (I work there) as a holiday gift for everything you guys do with HWS.

Hey Churra,

glad to hear.
Well actually I am a big fan of Blizz :slight_smile:
It all started with WC3 (tryhard), SC, D3, HOTS, HS etc. :smiley:

You don’t have too but very cool that you work there :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

We would really love to send you guys and gals something! I’d be more than happy to! Just shoot me an address!!

Also, would it be possible to make a change to our planet? We had a meeting only a few minutes ago and it was unanimous - the team would love to go full pirate. Space Buddies Pirate.

I’m not sure what is required to make that change happen but please let me know what information I would need to provide!

And please let me know if there’s an address (or multiple addresses) I can send some tokens of appreciation from SBA to HWS!