Unable to log into server recieving error loading into Safe space playfield

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What happened: Receiving error logging into playfield Safe space
Player(s) with issue: Redneck
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Unsure
Playfield: Safe Space
Structure Name(s): Redneck Base
Structure ID(s): NA
How can we help you now: Had issues logging into Outter Haven yesterday and moved due to DSL render issue to safe space. Now having same issue when logging into Safe space at new base and location.

Hello @Inferno

I will login to NA now… and then enter Safe Space… and then teleport to your position.

But I smell already you brought your corrupt ship with you… hold on.

I wonder what ship it is. All my ships are new current builds.

I am in Safe Space now.

So it is not the playfield again.

And now the teleport to your position…

puh… nope… no disconnect.
Please login again. The error is somewhere else then…
Or the DSL bug didn’t trigger for me.

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Logging in now

just logged in and was able to get in. What is causing this bug?

Frustrating, I know but for now… hmm… I recommend to not have many structures clumped together. DSL is then maybe able to load them better one by one…

But I really have no clue and HIGHLY recommend to spam the Eleon bug forum for attention.

I will move away my CV for the time being to assist in keeping down the issue. What is a good range to keep them away at?

These are our settings:

DSLDistancePlanet: 1700
DSLDistanceSpace: 3500

so > 3500 meter in space.

Thank you. I will move my CV’s for starters to see if that assist with issue.


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