Unable to spawn home, had to re-restart

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I crashed with my ship on Binomi planet because I was hit by an enemy base nearby and respawning was getting me killed each time because it was always near the enemy. I wanted to spawn home but the option was not available although it worked 2-3days ago.: Write here
Vlad: Write here
EU: Write here
(yesterday evening): Write here
BINOMI: Write here
I had to re-restart as it was the only available option to leave. But now I have to gather again resources, build a base, find pentaxid and so on. Unfortunately I used the egs:spawn and the fa:supply already. Could you please warp me back home to Zion, please? JMM base? : Write here

Next time use cb:sethome:ID before you go on a venture and when you die, type cb:gohome to get back to your home.

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yep, will do so next time. tnx

where does one enter cb:gohome after dieing?

could not find how to open chat on the respawn screen when I was caught in a similar respawn-die cycle.

Couldnt stay alive long enough to enter it to enter in game.

You type it in chat after you die.

Warped you back.

As mentioned above, yous cb:setHome and gohome since the ingame function is buggy.

That’s where I had problem, could not open either faction or global chat on the respawn options-buttons screen.

You have to do it afterwards (first select current location or so). You can’t do it while you are dead

Thanks for confirming.

Conclusion — cb:gohome only helps if one can stay alive long enough to use it.

Does not help in situations vlad & I found ourselves ---- respawning under turret fire.

In my case, faction mates setup a nearby med chamber to get me out without using restart option as last resort.


Thanks Jascha, I appreciate it.

You can alt tab to windows while your dead and there you type cb:gohome somewhere copy it, alt tab back in game then spawn back and instantly open chat, paste it there and push enter. It does not matter if you die again you still pop back home.

Will try that next time. Thanks

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