Underground base https://youtu.be/JCvWJ3SVm4w

this is a base underground, and I understood it is illegal to build this tipe of bases.
the planet is Saturn the coordinates are: 2592 /100/ 602, and this is a link to a video which we record and you can see perfect what we are talking about, thank you very much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCvWJ3SVm4w&feature=youtu.be

Having an underground base is not illegal. Glitching turrets to shoot through terrain and using other exploits are illegal.

Absolutely nothing wrong with building underground.

Yup underground bases are fine aslong as like hop mentioned the turrets are glitched to shoot through terrain, the turrets are not burried so that only the barrel of the turret is visible so they cannot be destroyed or any other bug/glitch that was unintended by the Devs or gives you an OP advantage over others.


Oops the link seems private. I’ll fix that on the PC so you have an example.

That’s illegal. :slight_smile:

The turrets are in th middle of the mountain (inside) so they are shotting outside and cant be damaged from outside.
So, illegal base.
If you see the video is really easy to see that.

Yup. Thats pretty clearly illegal. Any chance to get teh Base ID in case they delete it?

I will ask them if they have it, i thnk yes :stuck_out_tongue:

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