Underground Bases on Gold Planet

I know that turrets placed underground are supposed to be against the rules. On the gold planet there are several bases owned by 5AP faction which appear to be underground and shoot upwards. We had 2 armored CVs shooting rockets and could not even take out one of the 4 turrets. I don’t know if I am just bad at this game but it seems like a glitch (which is clearly stated in the rules.)

Here is a link to the video uploaded to Youtube.

  1. 480p… Its 2016 year, wtf? Coudnt see anything for sure;
  2. Im not sure, but its looks like there a hole in ground, and turrets placed just a bit lower, than sea line, but they didnt have any ground upper them. U could see this, only if fly closer, less than 200 m… Its game core problem.

lol so fail!

As often said this is no exploit. It is a game render error. The terrain will be only rendered properly if you are in a near distance as you can see at second ~33 in your video.
We need to wait till the developer increase the render / damage model for a greater distance.