Underwater basis whether an underwater turrets allowed ?!

Good evening. I ask the Administration to help with the solution of the problem with the offender rules. The bottom line is that PvP planet on my base was attacked by a player until he lost small ships I loaded everything on its small evacuated from the Most of the resources and unexpectedly over the Ocean out of the water covered me with a volley of missiles bases. Distance was almost more than 500 meters on the its title, I did not see only 1 time flashed the badge on the map. Underwater basis whether an underwater turrets allowed? As I have understood from the words of the players do not have. But I can not make screenshots on since the base is not visible from a distance of over 500 meters and begin to peel the rocket is clearly a greater range. And I am sure that the base prenadlezhat one who leaked my base at its capital since it is necessary to fly the set merging just like me and then left in the direction of the base and its missiles are not atakavali. My nickname Sibrons. All I can do is dazhdatsya Administration on the planet M 32 so you telepartnulis at me and themselves visited the base. Or the offender will continue to live with him … spakoyno impunity. Asking for your help!

do you have screenshots or video to help the admins ?

Was on M32 and found nothing special.
Please send us a video / screenshot in the Police Crime Report Topic.

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