Unity 2018.3 Test Run | Please report back


Good Morning HWS Community,

We help Eleon testing the new Unity 2018 patch, because HWS is the best Multiplayer test playground.

This is a special Multiplayer build where you don’t need to update anything but our MP Playfield.exe are running on Unity 2018.
If there will be no problems, it’s running until 5PM.

ATTENTION: Please be more cautious about your gameplay than before! Observe closely what is happening around you. Please remember / make notes of weird things happening and report it later to me / the forum!

Unity 2018.3 improved collider and other physics greatly. In the best case it’s more smoother.

Thanks for your cooperation and a happy Valentine’s Day :revolving_hearts:!

Your HWS Team

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With the Unity 2018.3 improved collider, does that mean that SV inside CV wont cause CV to freeze in movement? (Tackling of CV with an SV). At least for me this is a big issue even tho there is rule about it dont mean that certain players will follow it. Also potential “accidents” is possible with current meta…



Unfortunately not with this patch Devs said. It’s coming eventually in the next bigger patch.


Regarding this topic I did play some before 5pm. Did not engage in any combat. I went to ECC, traveled and made supplies. I could not notice any difference whatsoever. Same split second lag when ECC structures load in at approach. Hope this is some help.