Unity Patch

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Big problems occured after the Unity Patch
Player(s) with issue: @RexXxuS @Jascha @DeeExpus
Server: EU / NA / SAN
Time (cb:time): The last 24 hours
Playfield: Everywhere! It´s like this three are omnipresent!
Structure Name(s): All of them - it´s insane!!!
Structure ID(s): 1-9999999
How can we help you now: Get a break, you´ve done soooo much for the Server - again! All i wanted to say is “Thank you for your Overtime”. I hope you can cool down a bit and the next days get hopefully better.


haha! Awesome, that made me smile through half open eyes. Thanks Whizzle :rofl:


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