Unjust BAN

Account: Leaf
Reason: Ammo dumping
Punishment: Prison
Banned: Escaping prison?

After being shot down inside of ILLs base, and unable to re-spawn at HOME due to it bugging, I re-spawned a total of 56 times before ILL shut down their turrets and allowed me and TNalac to leave.

Rule 2.3 Don’t grief!
Do NOT kill people over and over again when you are aware you are irritating them or they have nothing left

Thank you for shutting down your defenses.

I could not find Ammo dumping on the rules page however if it is an offense it would be a First offence: “Warning / Temporary ban (Depending on severity of rule you broke)” not a prison sentence.



This rule seems to be in conflict with ammo draining. In reality it is not, cause you have the “Fresh Start” button, in case “Spawn at Home” does not work as you mentioned. Dying 67 times is definitely a sign for you that you don’t belong there.

Instead of temporary ban the prison is our warning. Not for long but to know that someone broke the rules.

Like in real life escaping from prison is bad.
We have it stated on the Story page at the bottom: