UP come on. You guys dont need to put turrets into the ground to defend yourself

You guys should know better then doing this.

It took us some time to take the base down but it realy hurts when you are using bugs…


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This is the norm thou about 50% of swp’s turrets on pluto was like this:

This gun shot through the ground and killed my hv in a tunnel digging under the base…

That should be prison time…


their Traders partners/Alts do the same ( U~P ), we saw yesterday when we rekt their bases on neptune

I try to ask Eleon to implement a bounding box around turrets. If terrain is near them it will be just “drilled” away around.

However what exactly is the problem or even prison time?

Because as far as I know:

  • If the gun is pointing inside / under the terrain, it is not shooting at you (yeeah, yeah, except the terrain glitch is happening. Shit happens)

  • and if the gun is not under the terrain it shoots but can be killed too. Nothing new from rl

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  1. There is bug (from 4.0), when u spawn base, and its randomly change spawn position. All know it.
  2. After spawn, some parts COULD be in ground. But there is no profit - such turrets wouldnt shoot.
  3. btw, as we already check, turrets didnt work vs PKA :smiley: So I couldnt understand this cry…

I love this cry. Rly. All must live and try it self in PvP, but our donators could only destroy, and even in such moments they still angry on something. Try to BUILD your own PvP-Base! Than talk. As I know, u build it only ONCE, and after we ruin it, u leave it. So…

well turrets underground shooting up in the terrain is always a problem. Rules say no turrets pointing into ground. Some of these turrets was halfway in.

We have a rulebook and we try and follow it. For me it was more a point telling rhem its not allowed.

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Very lame zappe…I built this base and there was for sure no turret shooting through ground. The turret on the picture is maybe unintentionally and not seen from me 20% covered with dirt ;).of i had seen it i would have removed. One single pulse laser or plasma shot in that direction is enough to remove that little bit. You can target this turret the normal way no prob. Maybe we should ask the devs why turrets are often not firing when pka is attacking and how it could be that you shoot at underground hovers with rockets from the air without holes or anything else?

I love that crying in Forum. lol omg
Zappe you must be happy if you see such a Tower. In that position that tower cant shoote anywhere.
Its useless to set a tower like this. And you are crying about that omg. Pls cry more. Did that tower shoot on you? No. So whats your problem.

I was just telling you that the towers where underground and shooting thrue ground. this was for information more.

Payyouback took an hour of his time, his resources and built an easy PVP base for you to train and improve your … not so overwhelming PVP skills at.
And you complain and want to get him in prison?
dudes seriously? :slight_smile:

OK thx that’s nice of you


For me you guys are to good pvp players for shit like this. I was just informing you about it and telling yoiu that i think you are to good for it. I also hope you do the same if you see something from PKA.


I like Zappe! :kissing_heart:

Yes we would. Its ok to do that.

Honestly Rex, after playing around with turrets on armageddon all day yesterday, there are some very serious issues with targetting through the terrain. Oh and private bases kill other private bases of the same faction. If you get time this afternoon (EST) I can show you personally what they do. But turrets will actually fire DOWNWARD through terrain, in some cases 30 feet above the ground firing into it, to shoot and kill private cores of the same faction. It was a logistical nightmare.

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This rule was dismissed after devs fix. And as I know - it rly fixed. Right now, the biggest problem, that turrets didnt shoots AT ALL. Thats rly problem. Not that one, that u dig out some not_worked turret…

Shortclips of all of possible use cases are highly recommended.

Will do, but it is an expensive testing process. Ill pack some up onto youtube late today.

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Caught HWS faction cheating with burried turrets :smiley:


Nah, it isn’t HWS! It’s Alien! They are the bad guys! I would never do that… :popcorn: