Used Skill Tree to Level, have no UP

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What happened: Used the skill tree to level after coming back after the wipe. Now I have no UP and can no longer earn any. Also it says my current exp is 2000%+.

Player(s) with issue: Dog

Server: HWS NA

Time (cb:time):

Playfield: Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now: I need the UP that I would have if I leveled up to 25. I was only able to unlock part of the CV tree and no other trees, and now I cannot unlock anything else.

your ticket is impossibl to read!

for what i understand, you want to be lvl 25 and get all RP on lvl game?

It sounds like they used the Connect skill tree to level up and it didn’t give them enough unlock points to unlock everything at level 25.
Multiple people have reported this issue now.

I know that in the vanilla game if you use commands to instantly level up to 25 it doesn’t give you the unlock points from all the levels, only the points for level 25.
I wonder if the same issue is happening here. Just a guess.

If you get too much experience all at once it skips over levels and never gives you the unlock points for the skipped levels. It’s an issue in the vanilla game.

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Welcome to HWS @Dog

just keep going the XP/UP path and you get more UP than you need.

But I will check the XP to UP relation and do some math.

I gave you some UP manually for now.

You’re the best! Thank you boss.


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