USS Overkill

I started with designing some 50 devices ship. Used stock Tier 1 CV as template as i like it looks and i dont like simplicity of building tools.

Its just a draft, final ship will be a bit different and about 3 times that sturdy and good, but of course i wont share final result.

Comes with 4 minigun and 1 plasma turret to fuck up any aliens interested in bothering me. Rest is standart, 1 constructor, small garden to make canned meat preferably (tomatoes garden), hyperspace jump fully capable. Still have plenty of free devices to use (3).

Let me quote some guy: Yes we can!

Comes with a decent forward thrust. Planing to update when its finished. And what are you going to fly?

Feel like this needs to be a build thread instead of a ship name :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on a mining ship meant to survive extended stays in PvP zones, capable of surviving attacks from other players long enough for help to arrive (or survive if help is present). It’s huge though.

I suck at forums :smiley:

This is one of the designs, there are more, one of them lead me to Eleon Forum and i was rude i think. Flight model is so buged that i wasnt able to belive that. Anyway…

42 devices

There is still some magic that can be done. Most of all remaking from Combat full blocks to thin blocks. And of course turning whole ship backwards to get above 110m/s.
Conclusion is that its fun to try to create or modify something to 50 devices. I enjoy.

And comparsion to original