Vanished Base, CV, SV

Guys i moved to another city, had to stop to play for awhile. BUt was not even a month…
Now, i try to log in and see this:

Black Mass 2374005 SV Ornate 3110 129 507 70 400 true
Glorious Trader Ship 2711003 CV Ornate 3085 120 442 26 81 true
Martelo 6352017 SV Ornate 3120 130 500 146 1518 true
Base (BA) 4662097 BA Ornate 3088 116 474 244 5273 true

Is there a way to restore my things? My base!!! My sv…

Hey MassOver,

I hope everything went well.

About your issue: after 15days the server setting “WipeTime” triggers:
WipeTime: 360 # Time in hours after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited (0 = disabled)

Bases can’t be restored in such a high populated place due conflicts.

Your three ships were restored to Peacekeeper 5 - coordinates: 366 / -29 / -3741 though.

We will think about a kind of “vacation” feature in the future :wink:

Have fun.

i had the very same issue, but my things arent anymore on the Structure Commander, so i assume that nothing can be done… right? Was 1cv (Glorious Miner) and 3 sv (Black Hav, Jouggernaut and First Explorer)

Hey Havenox,

looked for it but can’t find it, sorry.
Only Glorious Trading Outpost is remaining.

yeah, i thought that was unable to recovery. No problem, thanks anyway.