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What happened: Cargo storage disappearing and CV vanished
Player(s) with issue: Sir Timothy
Server: N/A
Time (cb:time): 1:00pm
Structure Name(s): Ware Machine
Structure ID(s): unknown
How can we help you now: My faction keeps having supplies vanish and today, when I re logged, our CV just vanished, not even in the registry anymore

When is the last time before today you logged in? On the weekend that planet is PVP and so that is why your stuff is gone. You have to watch planet description in the sector map for updated info about these things.

Please know I am not an admin but see your need for help and wanted to educate you. Hope this helps.

lol it was today, this morning. I was in it when it vanished

and my sv. We had just moved bases, so everything we had was in it, and more

Ok but when you say you just moved did you move yesterday or maybe Sunday when it is PVP?

Also drones can easily take out anything that is not armed and defended.

Not an admin just trying to help in their absence. They are mostly in EU so hard sometimes to catch them. The new admin might be on keep an eye out for him. He may even reply here to help you.

Hey Mac, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I have nothing on NA even remotely resembling the name “Ware Machine” (clearly I tried War Machine too)

Can you check name and also what was name of SV please? Were they both set to Faction W-W?

yes, both were set to faction, and the SV was named Raven assault i believe. Winter wolves faction

Sorry but You need to give us an ID or a correct name. Guessing does not help. We checked all possible names and did not find anything. Without names we cant do much.

Two questions:
How long did the ship exist?
How large was it? Blocks/Devices

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