VEK BROke Rule N5

VEK buryed lot SV of MRA into the base of NOVA which is a PVE planet so it is considered Griefing for rule n. 5, I ask Admin to take punishment on them.

They stole a base on a PVE planet while one of us was moving the core, because this “awesome, perfect and bug-free” game puts the new core on pubblic(why pubblic and not private devs?) even if it was Faction before and if you forgot to change it very fast there is always some FAIR player who is looking for Pubblic Bases to stole. So we’ve lost our base this way without a way to get it back.

WE lost 3 CVs last night for a SWP attack on Venus Orbit, lots of res stolen and CV destroyed, but that is PVP game and we accept it.
The way we lost our base on Nova is an Exploit, BUG or at least something to fix and the use of it MUST be punished.

Archangel MRA


so after long thoughts I think you both needs a lesson.

  1. bugs can happen yes, but still we can’t babysit every mistake or bug. If we do soon we get admin calls like “help admin how can I fly my escape pod down to earth” or something like this stupid. Lessons are sometimes best learned with pain.
  2. VeK was sneaky enough and abused the bug and didnt give a fuck to give the base back although they new it. Call it feature call it griefing. You could at least give them their SVs back.

So I gave the base back but not punishing VeK with prison.