Verify Method?

Is there a way to check that my server host has EAH setup on their end correctly? I’ve been fighting with this for many hours now. I can’t get it to connect at all. On the page with the documentation, are some of the images obsolete?

not sure about that but i noticed my personal server had strange loading issues once. tracked it down to a broken entry im my admin list. the game doesn’t like duplicate admin ID’s at all. that worked for me, may or may not for u. this game has a ton of different commands and settings. try going with all defaults and change only a handful of things at a time. it makes it much easier to track down the issue with less variables.


its difficult if they don’t tell you.
One thing would be: go via FTP on the server, then check the EAH folder and there the Config folder. In it there is a Settings.xml. That one at least tells you what they set up (if they make it visible).

Otherwise I could try to help you.But at the moment I’m quite busy. Maybe send me via PM! (not public) a screenshot of the config Master/Slave Tab. Then I can see if that looks ok from your side already. And maybe write me the data GTX gives you to connect. (Just no passwords please)