Vessel warp jumped, i didn't

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Tried to warp, nothing happened for 5 minutes, relogged and now i’m stuck in space.
Player(s) with issue: Kajurf
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 19:10
Playfield: Black hole, warped from Orion Asteroids
Structure Name(s): Warp-Platform, Miner-T1
Structure ID(s): 52093 and 52094
How can we help you now: Warp me to my Ship, if you guys are capable of it at the moment considering all the problems happening.

we are waiting for a hot fix from the devs. once that is fixed then we will be able to hlep people who are stuck ect guys sorry just be patient Rexx and admins are doing there best.

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