Vessels lost due to new wipe system


I noticed that all of our SVs were wiped since I last logged in. Not only that, now the CV, that I was flying at the time, got wiped leaving me with nothing but a backpack full of useless stuff - considering the situation…

Is it anyhow possible to get these back?

egs:stealth:on:10459434 - Pirate Planet
egs:stealth:on:6235018 - Pirate Planet
egs:stealth:on:6623121 - Inception Space

Thanks in advance


you are right about the new wipe system for that ship:

CV (10459434) SPO-SMUGGLER was deleted since it existed longer then 168 hours. Creation: 15.08.2017 00:06:22

the other IDs you mentioned there got wiped because of 13-20 days not visited. Wipe Time is 9 days, so nice try.

The real question is why you left that ship be wiped although you knew that this will happen, since you then also knew about the cb:wipe command or that every 30 minutes a message about cb:wipe is spammed to global chat?

Anyways as one time service I restored that ship.


Thank you very much!

Apparently the Structure Commander doesn’t show the last visited dates correctly then. Because I didn’t pick (at least intentionally) any of those that we know should be deleted.

Of course, our bad because we didn’t re-name all the important vessels, so it’s hard to distinguish them afterwards…

Here’s an example. It states that it’s last touched on 20th. Or that’s how I understand it.

There is exactly for such cases the big green “Information” Button on the top right. So if you click it you get the answer…

Well then I got the vessels to recover all wrong…

But thanks! Perhaps the button wasn’t just big enough…

No problem at all.

Have fun :wink:

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