Void Ticket

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What happened:

  • When I was warping, I got to EU and then my ship said different faction.

Player(s) with issue:

  • Deviantmaguai


  • EU

Time (cb:time):

  • 23:45


  • Cross Server warp

Structure Name(s):

  • Miner

Structure ID(s):

  • 23703083

How can we help you now:

  • I would like my ship back please.


I can’t find that ID and there is no ship called “Miner” on EU CSW. And I don’t see any ship there which has a different faction.

The last time I see you doing CSW seems to be also 13 days ago.
Sooooo what is this ticket really about?

Could you please be more specific?

Actually this is a repeat that has been showing up because of a link I have been using… Delete this please. I hit send instead of abandon… SORRY!!!

ah ok. no problem.
Thanks for letting us know

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