Voidium Extractor Damage

My question is; are Advanced Voidium Extractors supposed to become damaged or not? My assumption would be yes since it has a repair count however several people have told me their’s has been 5000/5000 since they made it and that is after a lot of use. My issue is mine is stuck at 4999/5000 so I cannot repair it because it is not damaged enough but I also can’t put into my OCD because it is damaged. I am wondering what the intention is with the durability and if there is anything that can be done to help me to repair it so I can store it in my OCD.

sounds like a bug of sorts. it should take wear damage on use.

Hi, if it has durability, it should be able to lose durability as well. I can’t speak for the intentions of the RE creators, but at least that’s how the game works.

So, the fact that some of them don’t lose durability sounds weird, and that would probably be some kind of bug, as Bob said. But yours losing durability, should be intentional.

And to answer your final question, it’s not possible to repair durability.

So that is sort of my problem. It is stuck at 4999/5000 and is not wearing down from my using it. So because of that it’s not damaged enough for me to repair it so that I can store in OCD. Likewise I can’t store it because it is damaged. It’s a very time consuming item to make and since it is bugged out preventing me from storing it is there any way I can have an admin replace it with one I can store?

Nope, you deleted the ticket template, so we can’t actually help, other than to try and explain :slightly_smiling_face:

We need the ticket template before we can help you. I suggest making a new ticket, where you link to this.

Oh ok no problem I can make a new one. Thank you Dr.Dark

they all wear down, they just wear down, very, very slowly…means, you need to use them a lot more then any other item for it to lose a single durability point

and i believe that it wears down differently if you only recover voidium with it or if you also dig around with it

so, bottom line, you used yours more then most people do and now it is “used”, that is how the game works

Actually I was using it a lot for voidium only but the issue is that it is not wearing down so that I may repair it. I can’t store a “damaged” item in OCD and I was told i just needed to repair it in order to store it but it will not allow me to repair because the extractor isn’t damaged enough. It is stuck at 4999/5000. This is based upon what i was told about needing to repair it before it can be stored, if that is not the case then I will need to work on making a new one next season. Maybe the question is; Can it only be stored if it is a newly crafted item and is 5000/5000 or can it be stored if it is repaired to full available durability such as 4500/4500 (or whatever the depreciation rate is)

btw if u repair something with limited repairs, it will not go in the OCD because it never repairs back to 100%. just like armor and red weapons. things that have taken damage should not be able to repair fully to 100%. it sounds like you are receiving bad information or someone is possibly unknowingly taking advantage of a bug. either way a used drill should not be allowed in the OCD at all even if it has been repaired. that is the way it has been indented for a very long time to prevent unlimited repairing.

Ok I see, so really I just need to work on crafting a new one to put in OCD for next season. Thanks Bob!

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