So, i am rwally enjoying Empy and more so being on HWS. Are you guys looking for an y assistance with anything? I am going to have a lot of free time on evenings coming up, have a programming background and an extensive history in MMO’s. I of course will be getting my HWS fix but if there is anything I (or others if they are willing) could be doing let me know!

Rex, take note.

I did already and yeah that is a general and not so-easy-thing. Maybe I can clarify on this location what this means in a bit detail:

  1. help people: like the MIT faction on the EU server or other guys, helping new people is a lot of help for us. More than you think. Since HWS is the most popular and advanced feature build server people not only need to understand the game they also need to understand HWS since it is almost kind of a new game. So helping them with commands and tips is always more than welcome.

  2. Managing the community: writing / answering in the official forum, in the hws steam group, official steam forum, here in the HWS Forum and from time to time in twitter and reddit. WTF you think? WTF I think. But HWS would not be HWS if it would mean 0815 stuff. I know our expectation to ourself is sometimes too high / not healthy but well we are young right? x)

  3. Advanced Helping: you wanna sacrifice your own playing for dedicated help? Then you can become GameMaster in the game…

  4. Epert help: getting RD access and doing serious stuff with our Tool.

This and a bit more (communicating with devs etc.) is our job. 24/7.
You better think twice about helping xD

I actually would be happy to help moderate the forum if you want, also help consolidate your Information across Steam/Website/Forum. I have a degree in MIS and a background in working on webpages, although I have no familiarity with the Steam API as it involves with your HWS Connect. I can definitely improve your styles/backgrounds, as they aren’t quite as pretty as I would expect lol

Sure, you can make anytime suggestions / give feedback.
Here and there it is not so pretty, I know. You can send your vision and I’ll look into it.

About moderating the forum we can talk about it asap.
Very busy right now with our new tool / HWS 3.0 :wink:

I would be interested in an programming project, maybe a small project that might help you guys out?

I study Software engineering and i think it would be a fun project to work on, since it is kinda like working on a game haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Would be pretty cool to work on something that helps HWS / Empy.

Ofc all for learning purposes :^)