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What happened:

I missed out on my vote rewards for 3 days last month on the na and eu due to voting bug

Player(s) with issue:



na and eu

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

Can I please be given my vote rewards.

Hello @Snowman

not easy to do anymore since the votes were reset.
My Vote reward on Connect were fixed 5 days ago already.

Checking the websites API archive it also shows you not even voted the last 3 days for EU
and NA
On NA only one vote reward was missing too:

Bit weird…

Anyways, as I said, a new month started and all vote calculation reset.
Please tell me next time in time if something did not work and I can fix / check it easy.

I missed votes on the eu, I started late, the fact that there are 21 votes and 30 days and I only missed 3 does not add up. The same bug that was happening on eu happened on the same day as na so the fact it showed I only missed 1 is off too. I figured I could report them at the end of the month considering I was having such troubles voting and get them all at once instead of posting every day. I will make sure I do it daily from now on.

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