Vote for Prison - Player relic24 killing unarmed players floating in space

This happened on Saturday 7th May around 9:00. Me and player Embolex where floating in space after earth became unaccessible due to disconnects. Player relic24 was camping on us while we had no vessel and were floating defenseless in space for 1h.
Then relic24 had our SV killed on spawn and killed us multiple times using his CV turrets.

I want to hear your oppinions on a prison vote.
The server rules were violated by relic through attacking players that were obviously suffering from a bug and were floating in space without vessel.

Can someone explain to me the logic of a prison vote? Does the person get IP banned? moved in the middle of nowhere space with no inventory?

I think 4nytime is referring to Elemental Prison playfield which is >7770 AU away from any planet - vote is to move relic24 there.

I don’t really think discipline should really be vote based at all , it seems like it would allow lots of lynching and doesn’t see a good precedent.

The proper way to deal with this sort of thing is to report to the admins, provide screenshots, and allow them to make a decision.

well since he is lawless i will
vote no

I concur with Beef on this, basically it’d turn into a mob rule server and that’s no fun for anyone (except the mob perhaps).

What Relic24 did was dirty, but I do not think that it is worthy of the elemental prison. I think that the Alliances should be the ones to track him down and deal with him. If he continues to abuse the no camping rule, the admins should be the ones to hear about it and deal with him. I vote no.