Vote not counted EU 15/11

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What happened: Sorry to bother you with this, I CSW to the EU yesterday, voted for EU and the dashboard didn’t log anything. The vote website said i voted. tried reloading the connect page, no change. waited 10 minutes reloaded, no change. waited 20 minutes, reloaded no change.
Player(s) with issue: Coco
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 15/11
Playfield: ECC space / CSW
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: hoping to get the vote counted, thank you.

did something change? I just voted again on EU and there is no “claim reward” button now, i just get a
“thank you for voting”…

I think they changed the timer, so instead of “You can vote in xx” you can first claim the reward by 9:00

the time now is 16/11 7:10 (cb:time), i voted 35 minutes ago…

My timer on HWS Connect hits 9am exactly

nope this is two days in a row of this.

i recently had to clear my browser cache, so perhaps that’s why I am now seeing this change.

I don’t think it’s an “issue” i’m pretty sure it was made on purpose. You just have to claim the reward as the timer reach 0:00

then i should have been able to claim the vote from yesterday on EU, please let rex or jascha look at this.

They’ll see this topic sometime. Just give them time :smile: I’ve never seen a ticket stay unsolved.

exactly, so i dont know why you’re responding here.


sorry for that.
@RexXxuS has to check that when he gets back. I don’t see any vote arriving on EAH side.
Please list here all votes you miss the next days.

I think what Rex is meaning here is: No vote possible until that timer is done.
Therefore you don’t get the reward button. Try it again when the timer is over

ok, so on NA, the reward timer stacks, (i just claimed a vote reward, and it says next claim is available in 35 minutes) so i’m assuming this is identical to the EU vote now.

I recently had cleared my browser cache, had a stuck youtube, and i may not have seen this update earlier because of this.

edit: the timer counted down the 35 minutes and then reset to 24 hours with no additional vote or rewards available. Screenshot_2018-11-16%20HWS%20Connect%20Empyrion%20Homeworld%20Server(3)
this is from NA, according to the log i have missed a day.
(i have not missed a single day of voting on NA this month)

I have just CSW to EU, and claimed the reward for the last vote, but still nothing for the Vote prior.
timer reset to 24 hours.


so you are missing only one vote on EU?

Let me know what is missing and when you are back on EU. I will then give you the vote and close this ticket.
Rex will take a look at the voting issue tomorrow.
Should it happen again (after this ticket is closed), then create a new ticket please

just one vote lost on EU that i can tell, one on NA as well (seems that way by looking at the logs).
i was just on EU a few minutes ago… :sleepy:
i’ll be back on in a few hours

Np. NA is done.
EU: Just let me know when your over there.

im on EU, but connect is down :(:sob:

Sorry, just missed you.

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