Vote system - claim button does nothing

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What happened: Me and my father voted for EU server, we both have claim button, but clicking it does nothing. I tried Firefox and IE, my father tried IE and Chrome in his job, but the claim button does nothing. I tried to clear cache in both web browsers, but it makes no change.
Player(s) with issue: MiroZPraglu and Old-Magic
Server: EU
How can we help you now: Any advice what to try to make it working would be great and sending our reward would be great too, but I understand that you can not help us everyday…

Hey @MiroZPraglu

thanks for the report… I will check. Should be all good or better to say, please read this post here and see if it’s related to you:

My daily vote is nto working

Hi, whatever you did, it helped. Last 3 days I wasn’t able to claim the reward, but now I was, button worked and I got the reward.

I still don’t fully understand the conditions when I can claim the reward:

  1. Voting - looks like I can vote again in less then 24 hours
  2. Claiming - looks like I can claim the reward again after at least 24 hours. Maybe now it is different.
    Where is the time period condition implemented? Is it on HWS side or is it on 3rd party web API? I don’t understand why claiming have to run on 3rd party web side. I would expect API to ask for number of votes for server and player and on HWS side the business logic for reward (with condition for time period - in hours/days/weeks, as the client wants)…

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