Warned of 2 HV's on one planet, swapped 1 out, left, and still lost HV

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What happened:
=> I had an HV on a planet and one in my CV. I came down and was warned of 2 HV’s not allowed on Triton. I swapped HV’s between my CV and Triton, and left to another planet. I then received a removal of my Triton HV even though only one was there. I want the HV back.

Player(s) with issue:
=> territorialbrewer

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 8:13pm Atlantic Time

=> Triton

Structure Name(s):
=> HV Drill Blade Rotary

Structure ID(s):
=> Not sure. It’s gone.

How can we help you now:
=> Would like it back.


it was not gone, its still there as HWS.
But I returned it to you.

You can use cb:buyshipback for a faster return and we can still refund the money

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