Warp bug to enemies (Andromeda Galaxy)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: LSD Faction put up bases in Andromeda Galaxy at the Donare West spawn area.
Player(s) with issue: Phoenix/CARNAGE986
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 01 April 2018 21:45
Playfield: Andromeda Galaxy
Structure Name(s): Multiple Structures (see attached picture)
Structure ID(s): Multiple IDs (see attached picture)
How can we help you now: Please have them remove structures from the spawn area as it violates server rules.

Will check.

You warped from Donare West to Andromeda and got attacked instant?

Correct, it was CARNAGE986 who got killed instantly. I went to try to save him but was not successful.

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Warped to LAV and they have bases on the warp in with OLP
Player(s) with issue: CARNAGE986
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 2:23 central
Playfield: LAV
Structure Name(s): Some are in the photo
Structure ID(s): Cant see it kills me
How can we help you now: Would like my ship back and The warp spawn removed


ok, will check

Much appreciated, thank you!

@CARNAGE986 your coordinates were also corrupted (couldn’t login anymore). I warped you to Imperium for now

@CARNAGE986 after a lot of investigation something strange happened.
I can’t see any ship of you got destroyed in that process and see that your coordinates were just bugged.

Can you share more information on everything?

These were your coordinates a bit later (and reason why you couldn’t login anymore)

Almost one hour cost me this bug already. Quite intense and unfortunate for all parties.

So what happened:

You warped with your WU-TANG ship from Donare West to Andromeda Galaxy. After that your character got immediately teleported to an enemy structure but NOT your ship
This resulted in a death for you.

Your ship however stayed at the warp entrance spot as you can see here:

I just warped myself from Donare west to Andromeda Galaxy and you see I’m almost near you.

The enemy structure is not in a warp camp area at all, so all good for them (beside you know their coordinates now).

Anywas, next time it would help if more details were mentioned, saving me a lot of time.

I warped you to your moved ship.

Thank you Rexxxus for your help. Looks like a bug sorry you died that way Carnage do i still get your RP kill points! LOL. There was no backpack in base so i assume u get your stuff back?

I will try to give more info next time. Not sure how I get more info. I just instant died when i warped in. Then the game started to crash.


Welcome to the Medbay bug. Openly exploitable way to find enemy structures in deep space.

We reported this to Eleon in 5.0? Nothing has been done about it yet.

I’m 150 miles from my computer at a family Easter lunch, and Bloom is messaging me that TAW is attacking our secret space base. What a crazy outcome. Did you ever get your ship back @carnage986?

This was not the medbay bug. It got fixed. Something new we don’t know yet