Warp caming acp and taw

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warped into black hole on na server only to be greeted by 6 warp campers who killed us in less than 30 seconds check logs please and do something about this they are denying it of course but theres no denying what they did was againt tos and i expect to see something done about it

We followed you from HW to BH, we saw the warp out by the cloud field. We then engaged you on the other side. We have video upon request if needed. Please check the logs and you will find that they warped then we warped. Simple. We even tried to spawn you a CV as we were plundering your ship.

I am sure the logs will show this as well as our video.


Hello @indigos_weird_brothe

unfortunately you removed the crucial support template
But I tried my best to puzzle stuff out myself.

First let me show you the Black Hole playfield action:

The short version: you were the very first person who entered Black Hole to load it. Then all the others came in - technically only you were able to camp others.

Long version:

On the left RoP (TAW) and on the right your logs. Showing again you were the first in Black Hole. Then TAW came in after you. Either way you “found” each other.


Everything happened within 3 minutes, so I don’t consider that you warp camped TAW.


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