Warp caused docked HV to disappear completely

Newly built HV, was warping from EMP and when i got in next zone both the CV and HV were invisible. Relogged, and the CV appeared, 60k away however, but the HV is not completely gone, does not show in registry or in any zone. Please help… just built this thing 1 hour ago :frowning:

Nugget Collector (PMP) 18499017 Hoover


I don’t know why it happened but you created it at 7:10AM and it got deleted at 7:53AM. No chance for our daily backup to get recovered from :confused:

If the loss is big let me know and I see what I can do else.


not a huge loss, was just crazy i just built, fully ammoed the 6 boxes and we were in route to have fun and bamm… didnt make the warp after 3-4 other good warps… just disappeared off the ship entirely… Thanks for looking into it though, ill just build another…

PS It DOES still show in connect on structure commander as being on Primus… so if you can at least delete the entry id from stuct commd would appreciate it.

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