Warp glitch

At 18:10 (CST) we experienced a warp glitch from Medusa to Saturn. After making the jump to Saturn, our ship had disappeared in 3rd person. 1st person seemed to work. However, my wife Kalani Yuchiro, could not access the P menu load more pentaxid. We seemed to be able to move the ship, so we did so about 9K from planet. We thought it was a server issue, so she logged out, and reclogged in. As soon as she came back, she was inside someone’s base around Saturn (we believe), and was instantly killed from turret fire. Leaving her epic, and a bunch of food, Pentaxid, and other items.

Myself, I decided to stand up. Everything seemed fined, but then was suddenly attacked by turrets from no where. I can only assume from my own ship. I was able to respawn in the ship, and everything was fine. Went to collect my backpack, but it was missing. I lost an epic sniper, 30 cans of canned vegetables, ammo, tools, and various items that I had on me. We could not find the beacon for our backpacks.

Is there anything that can be done about this? We both seemed to have warp glitched into BA_Cryos by the intruder log.

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Thx for letting us know. I see what you mean. Please make sure not to expose that base since you might have seen the coordinates by a bug.
I put the snipers in your both backpacks.

Could you both please send us your client logs as a zip (see cb:log)
You can also send them as PM to me.

Just for me to remember: It was Saturn Orbit 10.01. ~1:00

Sure, that shouldn’t be a problem! I didn’t quite see anything along those lines. For all purposes it looked like we were still in OUR ship. That is until my wife reclogged. Me, I looked like I got shot by my own ship. XD

However, I do have to ask how do I go about getting those logs? There seems to be several logs, and I’m not exactly sure which ones I should be looking for. Would they be in the most recent folders? I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance on this, I’m just not entirely sure what I am looking at here. XD

No problem.
So as you saw you have to go to the log folder: …\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs
there just take the log-folder with the highes number (right now 795). zip that folder and then send it to us. The devs know what to do with them.

Thanks a lot.

Okay, not a problem! I’ll copy both, and send them right away. I’ll also rename them so you know which logs belonged to who.

We have hit this same bug twice before in 4.0.
It happens sometimes, unfortunately, but if they get enough logs, perhaps they can pinpoint the issue.

This happened to me and a friend in 4.0, we were leaving the planet gold and when changing playerfield, I noticed a cabin of a ship inside our ship, I asked the pilot to stop and despite this I could not get out of the chair, after that I And my other friend we relogamos, and when we returned we were more than 100km from where our ship was stopped with our pilot and we appeared in a ship in deep space, the same one seemed abandoned … we took it for us. Was a very strange and sinister episode.

I dont’t know if it’s relate but…
I exited starter planet, got to starter orbit but it was empty. Also there was a message that I was disconnected from playfield but I could still fly around. So instead of relogging, I just went back to the planet. Planet loaded ok, I exited again and orbit was ok.
I fear I could have had a nasty bug if I had decided to relog while in the disconnected playfield.

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