Water World (NA server)

So, I shoulda stayed off of it, got the eternal internal error loop, when I went down to try to clear off a faction member’s CV and stuff, if in the event he cant get on before the planet gets wiped or overhauled. So there I sit at the bottom of teh ocean. However, I did plan for this and cleared my inventory of anything precious, and used a ship that is expendable. However, I cannot suicide out. I will attempt to remove my helmet and drown.

Keep ya posted.

BTW: I opened up the console and got spammed with an error message that stated that the “array marker not in range”

Also, taking off the helmet underwater has no effect, apparently you enter invincible mode with the error popup

I am experiencing the same issue.

Sweeney and I ended up using cb:reset to get free, is there a way to do a cb:killme to force a suicide when the suicide button otherwise is unavailable to us due to current game mechanics?