We are 99% sure we have found dupers and have evidence

We captured a ship today after it helped destroy our base on homeworld. It has about 14k large medkits and 14k ration packs. I’m not sure how you guys handle these things so we’ve left it on the ship we have captured on Peace keeper 3. Our faction name is TO_. Maybe you can see who we took the ship from in the logs?


Edit there was also loads of ingots - not sure its enough to be duped but we are happy to have them removed if you deem neccessary

Thx a lot for bringing that to our attention. Our tool catched one of them already 2 days ago. We will look at the ship and their faction to see if the others are also guilty.

Thanks for letting us know this and don’t abuse it. Yeah, any other duped stuff you found - please remove them.

Other than that I removed the critical duped stuff. The ship is your reward.

Thanks again.

Thanks guys yes we have some ingots and ores that im dubious about so we’ll bin them. Appreciate the fast response!