We should test what we can bring into PvP

Fortune finaly dead I hope you wont have too much work with fixing it admins…crazy game it is.

Anyway I want to talk about PvP as SWP do in their thread. I wasnt going to play until Eleon do some fixing but when i saw SWP attacking i had to jump into SV and go there, sadly noone of us enjoyed match as we all was lagged, some of us freezed and so on. We are here for PvP, PvP is obviously unplayable so there is a question what we can do with it. SWP was accused of having some crap in ships which causes lags…well thats not truth. Im accused quite offten for lagging with CV thats not truth too my biggest CV in game have 803 blocks, yeasterday it was Gareths CV. There is no way how to explain ppl that game is not working until they try themselfs so Gareth now knows too.

So what can we do? We should make some tests to see what can we bring into multiplayer and still have at least some normal gameplay experience. It will be sad to see results im quite sure of it. And it will kill all ship building as we will probably discover that even in smallest ships more than 6 players are laggy. CVs with turrets…well we dont need to try this, CV is simply a killer of all the smoothness. Device levels made by Eleon is nonsense as we hardly use worst than lvl 2.

Guys i think we need to made some cathegories of ships to try, like:

50 devices, 150 blocks
100 devices, 300 blocks
200 devices, 500 blocks which is probably huge for game.

We can try some CVs too, maybe with same devices and block count as we need a way how to bring SVs into fight. This all is very sad but also it can be nice chalange to try to create best ship with as less devices as possible. Also this SVs will be so cheap that we can made thousands of them so we will die in fight but just jump to other one and return to battle.

There is weekend coming so it could be good time to do some testing. It sucks as we are kinda forced to do premade battles, but i dont see any other option, im not going to be angry becouse we all just lag around. I started to chat in middle of battle as chating was more fun that battle itself, and i had time to do so between screenshots.

So if there are any players willing to try something like this sign yourself here. I would like to see PvPers like SWP, JBA, MAD, BCL and others testing this. I think that if we will find that there can be 12 of us on orbit fighting in ships with 100 devices and maybe 250 blocks that would be good, we will build some crap like that later and make it best and we can play at least with some fun.

Simply lets discover whats causing worst lag and lets discover some devices and blocks count which will still leave us with options to build different ships and play with them at least smoothly a bit and make that a standart. And no, dont belive Eleon will fix this soon, multiplayer is at last place for them.

Just a draft, any suggestions how to do such testing is welcome, maybe admins can help us with it by spawning ships or something, as from player perspective its a bit hard to organise this.

I’ve tested this with my friends on a creative server.

Almost everything lags, even the smallest SV will still have the occasional teleport.

Honestly, we just need to accept that PVP should be situational, and can’t really be sought out, consider how buggy it still is. Not to mention the horrendous imbalance right now, as CV’s are useless, and HV’s are no help either.

I agree with elfias, its strange becuase iv had some 3 man fights that ran perfectly smoothly then 2 man fights that where stupidly laggy, instead of just active modules/ blocks i think its the type of module that matters more, i have a feeling some of the thrusters cuase alot more lag than other types of thrusters, if we can find all the least laggy modules and all decide together to use those then it will only upgrade our pvp experience.

For this reason alone is why I just don’t wanna do PvP really. Having a dude in a SV be able to destroy 2 bases while being under fire from 4 separate bases with 8ish turrets each is absurd. In the end I managed to destroy him more or less by luck of him being on the ground and my plasmas conveniently there. Yet in some cases weapons do work as intended, but for the majority of the time they don’t, and it’s annoying to lose CVs and BAs you put hours into because turrets decide they just aren’t going to work today. When the game gets better at that I’ll likely rejoin the world in PvP proper, but honestly I’ll only go if I have numbers advantage as that seems to be what makes people win so…

We did a lot of combat testing on static’s private server, and we found a few things:

  1. slanted thrusters have a little more visual lag than others, even atmo thrusters are a tad smoother

  2. flares, lights, etc, cause lag, even just 1, even if it’s buried under blocks

  3. more than 20 guns is useless, and the more guns that are mounted, the more lag you have

  4. multiple rcs systems seem to have a draw on server lag. With an sv with 6 rcs, there was very little lag, when piled on 24 rcs, there was a considerable amount of “rubberbanding”

  5. rockets cause the most lag of all weapons, resulting in a lot of us laughing going “wtf was that?” as our test ships self destructed when we pulled the trigger.

  6. empy is very system resource intensive, and having a high end gaming rig has a world apart difference to “just a good system”. The heavy load is shared by the server and client, and only compounds the issue exponentially with a higher ping rate.

I’ve also had number 5 occur as well, and the best thing I can offer as to why:

Design problems. The “rocket” when launched from the SV actually has a slight tilt depending on how you maneuver when firing. Depending on how you build your rocket pods this may cause the rocket to impact your ship based on it’s trajectory not being straight. Also, If you are having it flying straight, I think a rocket is actually slower than an SV’s max speed. Either that or there is some lag when a rocket is fired, causing it to be “insider” the rocket launcher when it becomes active.