Weird Client/Server State

I was wondering if I am the only one getting this strange issues.

Since >4 I have been experiencing a lot of issues when the Client & Server seem to be out of synch. I can see that I am still connected because I can still see people’s messages.

However I am unable to do anything that requires talking to server.

  1. I cant open anything with Inventory.
  2. I cant Chat .
  3. Using market and trying to sell something result in loosing Item posted and not having it show on market.
  4. Spawning a Blue Print results in blueprint being removed from Factory but not showing in world.

I can still do the following .

  1. Walk around .
  2. Get Oxygen from an oxygen dispenser.
  3. Open Doors.

Once I log out and get back in I will find myself at a different place. I.e. back in time . and then find whatever I tought I had done never happened. With the exception of the negative impact of the transactions that happen on my client but dont happen on the server. It’s actually not nice, sometimes my ship keeps moving and I find myself 2km+ away from my ship having to jet pack towards it. .

Anyway. Just curious if anybody experienced this before and if they have found a way to decrease/stop this from happening.

This is a desync. Your client is out of synch with the server - it seems to happen on really active playfields. I’ve gotten in the habit of periodically pressing P when flying or trying to use a constructor when on foot to confirm that I’m in synch…

…but that was after I mined an inventory full of Sathium only to try to enter my ship and have nothing happen. Log back in to ~1.5k ore instead of a full inventory…

It’s just before the update to 4.0 I almost never had this. Now it’s seems to be the norm. I am in an area with little traffic so it’s hard to think that it’s the activity level. Just a real pain. Expecially when I travel and need to restart client because it’s desynch. Having to do this in a PVP field is not my idea of fun.

I’ve only had this issue on Gold planet and Traderworld and once in Pirate.

When we were all in Gold Planet mining, all 5 of us went out of synch at one point.

I am unsure if it’s 4.0 related or due to the fact that we now have twice as many people playing.

I got that too since the last patch 4.1.1, sometimes i can’t click at all to open cargo boxes, sometimes what i’m typing in tchat doesn’t appear. Maybe the playfield i live begin to be very occupied :slight_smile: