WeT - Over 300 devices on GF and fighting pvp

When:Time close to 10:15 server time.
Where: GF

What: CV with oiver 300 devices - Warned alot.

Easy breake of devices rule in pvp area.

With only warnings people don’t care anyways, its like speeding with an car, you do it all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
remove device limits and give me the key to the universe, and it will all be fine :slight_smile:
my new ship creation is 500000 blocks but 400 devices :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Come on guys, lets try to use rest of that thing in head if there is still some. We cant do this way we do. Isnt it obvious?

This is CV i made long time ago when i realised that i can dock HVs on CV and weight of docked structures wont add, but I never finished it or used it as many of my prototypes. Why? Because all of them are less and more exploiting and using errors in unfinished game to take advantage. Its not intended to be like that so im not doing it even I can and i doubt someone would catch me.
No. of devices is 83 with elevators, constructors, o2 and other stuff, so yes i can make this easily 50 devices ship. And i can take this to planet.
As you can see its diamond shape so i had to use full blocks, if ill make it todays standart which is cube i can use only thin blocks and make it fly faster. Its a nice platform, Im quite certain i can dock some HVs on it.

So what does this mean? Am i realy supposed to bring CV which flies 1,5x faster than other ppl ships to planet surrounded by docked HVs, which can be docked on one end to this but can be build 200 blocks away while still docked?
Maybe best would be to take it to Earth, say: Hey dude, im so baked lets go and roll over some kids…
And than it would be probably best to sit down and do some masturbation here and there while thinking about how awsome I am.

Btw as for SVs there are no larger thrusters there is no chance to create SV able to catch this, its because the math behind max speed, so yes this CV beast can be chased only by same CV beast.
And Raiden if you read this consider this my up to 50 devices PvP CV…

Come on guys can we get back to senses please?

P.S.: I know its hard to get sanity back when ppl gone mad, but at least please dont try to do exactly what i described here, at least that please.

Well to be honest, the device limit dosen’t matter, i can still take an ship with 500 devices and raid an base on an planet, there is no mechanics to stop this, and admins cant go around check evry raid and attacks that happens, just play the game as it should be played, if you want to play with small blocks ships there is plenty of small ships simulators out there, i came here to build and empire, big ships, stations etc… thats why i bought this game for…

maybe make an donation function for higher devices ships to be used? :wink:

We won’t make such a donation option but keep the stability of the game in mind at first place. There are also other ships simulators out there where you can build such big stuff. This is an alpha game and buying such games is in first place only one meaning: you participate as a tester.

As long as big ships risk a crash of the server this will be a no-go.

Since (I repeat myself million of times…) this is a game bug and not a tool bug we wait for the fix. As soon as the fix is live we can and will do something against it. If your ships turns to HWS faction during a raid you will recognize that you failed and blamed.


Yes but you must understand people have spent hundreds of hours building ships to fit in to the other device limit, changing it back and fourth all the time wont be good, better to have it at an fixed device limit permanent then.

and like devs said this many players we have is not recommended, i doubt the device limit will make any super improvement tho.

my main concern is the orbits, not planets regarding the device limit.

Our Class 3 limit is 5+ weeks old. The 50 devices on planet will keep too. Every device limit will taken over to 4.0 as far as I don’t see something cool in the patch notes.
This is also the meaning of an alpha game: everything can anytime happen. You have to be flexible.
It’s the same discussion “why we have to wipe?”…

We can have 100 people on one planet and all easy. We can have 30 people on 30 different planets and the server going down. It is a Unity / Code Skill problem.
And since the empyrion.exe CPU process getting crashed by big ships the answer is clear what the main problem is.

Orbits are a bit easier for the game to handle (no gravity, decorations, water, etc.) but of course also dangerous. But since ships can move and mostly far far away a fight happens in space a lot rare than on a planet with a fixed “get-down” target. That is the reason why this needs more focus.

This problem is resolved here after all.