What a great server to play on!

After being on HWS for 3 weeks now, I wanted to say “thank you” and Kudos to the Admins for creating this.

I love it, I had a blast for the past three weeks and the community is nice (mostly that is :slight_smile: ).

For all who complain, that this is shit or that is boring etc. guys be real, it is an alpa and what the HWS guys have done with their MODS is absolutely great. Just go and play on any other server. You get bored by being the dominant faction, well look for another game or start over as smaller one. You don’t like planet xyz? Don’t go there, or just play on another server for a couple of days. You will find your love to this server renewed :slight_smile:

Just a short story about the great community on this server:
Day one after leaving starter. Having farmed for nearly two weeks with 2.5 people, we left and now we set up our first space station, fairly far away from anything. We park two large CVs and have all our stuff with us and log off for the night.

Next morning, all is gone. After a short conversation it becomes clear, we suffered from a damn bug, that made one of our sv’s docked on a CV public. So Fulgrim and Totalnoob found our deep space base and cleaned up everything. While that led to one person immediately quitting Empyrion in utter frustration, we had a chat with the two guys who raided us.

We didn’t complain, it is just tough luck on day one. And here we go, Fulgrim and Totalnoob showed a lot of honor by returning the better half of what they took, as they didn’t want to benefit from a bug and ruin a new faction.

It is those moments, that make HWS and it’s community great! Thank you!


They probably spawned in your medbay I am guessing. Is a nasty bug but the devs are having a hard time reproducing it. Disassemble all your medbays/clone chambers off all ships and bases you have hidden out in deep space. Only place then when you need to heal heal then disassemble themright away.

You can easily see if anyone has a med bay by looking in the registry. Anything with a bright green pin has a med bay.

This is great, and demonstrates the value of this community. Thanks for sharing the experience!!

Its a hard world out here, and and even harder with alpha bugs - so its cool to see folks enjoying the work put in here by the Admins and even the community itself. We all get crappy situations, but i agree - the fun level is still well above the unfun level, and thats thanks to the above.

Good on @Fulgrim and @TotalNooB for being good sports!

We did not pawn in his medbay, we don’t get doawn to such tactics. A bug made his ship visible, what as only revealed later on. This bug has been reported multiple times since then.

A for my argument its boring lately - mainly lack of PvP cause most aggressive factions left the game after numerous of the abuses they were using got fixed.
thats why FDM is barely active lately and mainly playing Rust.

Anyhow, i’m happy you enjoy the server, Sentinel. The ship i gave you is still alive? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Fulgrim - yes it is alive and kickin :slight_smile: - I improved some parts of it and now I like it even better.

However I also improved the CV you had found, so I would be happy to test it 1V1 ;-).

HF in Rust and come back soon :slight_smile:

are there more space battles in rust?

Eld, i have some advice for such situations:

  1. store valuable things in OCD, in proportion 80% in OCD and 20% in station
  2. have a ready 2 blueprints for simple CV with warp drive and 2 simple SV
  3. have every time before logging out or warp jump, 100 energy fuel and 100 pentaxid in your inventory

If you need help, publish your bank account number, I will send 100k credits for quick recovery.


Thanks Nikola, very helpful - instead of the 100K I would prefer a life long discount of 25% at your shop ;-).
Just joking - it s all good no help required.

We could not store anything in OCD as it was the first night after starter and none of were donators. At that time we believed we would farm their OCD levels up later…

Your other tips are very helpful indeed, however I read Kogami’s excellent guide before playing here -so he already saved me :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your kind offer to help out!

So what about the discount ? :):joy: