What happened?

We had a disaster, we took the ship in a black hole, flew about 400-450 km and all the ships disappeared at once, how is it possible at all, they are not anywhere ?? EU server…

Did you leave them their during the reset?

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What’s your structure manager say in HWS cinnect? Any intruder logs? Was it during BH reset (dumb but necessary question)…

Jascha and team will need specifics like Ship ID, names, etc to look into. That’s not something we in-game admins can look at historically.

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And please also the exact time, so that IO can check the backups if needed.
Keep in mind. Backups are kept for 3 days, so if there is reason for us to get your ships back, it needs to be handled in that time.

It was 0150 UK time. My ship was called the AeonBlock.

They may have chased me to the edges of the known universe after I lost all my guns. The normal laws of physics can break down out there. Middle co-ordinate on DI was I think 477000.

It was about 0300 GMT.
48456353 AVENGER(reload) ID and name my ship and 47254375 Kubik1 ID and the name of my friend’s ship.

I put a curse on the black hole I call it the Bermuda curse whahahahawahaha lol

We came cos you put out a call on global :slight_smile: Ended up fighting PIRs laggy, blocky abominations.

Wait really? You know that playfield wipes daily right?

lol the Bermuda curse strikes again yes PIR ships aint the best lookers lol

Seriously? 400k?
Well your ship left you already at 300k… you just made it to 400k by “accident”.
The Universe has its limits. If you move that deep into space you have to live with the consequences. You can be glad that only your ship was lost.

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I understand that ships no longer return?


but I’m not getting in there:


i cant stop staring into this…

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