What happens when your not around?

Like the age old question, if a tree falls in the woods with no1 around does it make a noise?
On empyrion however that question seems to be more if does a base produce if no1 is around.
Started to notice it when I left the system, constructors stopped producing and crops didn’t grow, logging out in the base seemed to make production continue and crops grew but that’s no longer the case now everything is as it was when I logged out :frowning: and for me this is bugging the hell outta me lol. I feel like I should talk to my crops for them to grow and need to act like an over baring boss in order for my constructors to produce. Sure the base still churns through power tho
This takes away alot from the realisim that’s trying to be achieved.
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this ?

It was announce in dev patch notes, they stopped bases from operating if no player was near them to save on server processing.

Ahh I missed that one, hrm now my base needs a PC and a copy of empyrion to keep my char occupied while I wait on things to grow/produce lol

The idea is good but implementation is bad, which sadly is common.
When the playfield is active again, the server should check how much time has passed and process the stuff that needs processing. Like crops, and factory. Why I have to stay to process all that mined ore? Nosense.
And they already do this for autominers I think. Soo I think they are just being lazy.

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