What is going on with taxes?!

So apparently I don’t have to pay any taxes…I’m currently just accumuilating credits which yes is great but along with the way it is so easy to get resources now aswell…I feel I don’t have to try! And why is it when I was paying taxes I was only paying 1000cr per structure? I’m not even trying heck barley on and my credits are going up, rp os going up…it seems…unfair to me how this works? Why not have a tax that is taken each week. And a dropout on rp if someone is not on? People are going to hate me but I’m a pve and pop player and I can see the unfairness I. This compared to someone who lives in pvp (please bare with grammar etc I’m on a phone in Costa lol) ok so thoughts??

Only 1k?.. We pay 19-52k every day. So cmon, not so funny, cry about 1k, when AM lvl 10 makes near 18k cr per day.

I think you misunderstand me, I’m not crying over it I feel it’s to cheap considering I’ve got two svs a CV and a Base and the taxes don’t seem to be taxing me I want to pay tax so I gotta work abit for it

Then build bigger? lol

It’s already big XD I pretty sure something has glitched

I think the misunderstanding here is that taxes are not meant to be of much trouble, just to limit the numer of structures on PvE so that people who don’t really need something delete it or move it elsewhere.
So the point “taxes are easy to pay” does not really matter as long as overcrowding is not a problem.

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Jascha is on a trip and coming next week back.
He implemented a log where we can see who didn’t paid the taxes. For now we don’t have an automatic way to set it to HWS faction.

Don’t feel to comfortable as we said that if you can’t pay you lose your stuff. So prepare yourself.

About 1k minimum price it is already suggested that it is too cheap for some guys. So we improve the formula soon to make it proportional.

Move to pvp, problem solved and you dont lose credits… i have had this orbit station for one week just 2000 meters outside hunter planet, noone has touched it… so dont understand why evryone so scared of pvp.

Oh we have a Base in pvp, this one on faction planet is more of a “Base of operation” type Base where we keep backup etc for when someone takes us out on pvp. Oh and it keeps our pet dinos we managed to entice in haha but still I expected to be paying at least around 20k for all the stuff we have there

Some of this is related to the structure commander showing constructions as deleted, which means no tax is collected on them, its an on going bug which has been reported and awaiting Jascha to have a deeper look.

I’m fine pay back tax’s when its sorted, but its all related and if you check your other constructs they may show as deleted to.

I did as you suggested but no that isn’t the case I then got an error where hws couldn’t load my profile and said I didn’t have an account, I’m going to check again today, tbf no one has touched our pvp Base someone has been near but I’m guessing the fact it’s heavily armoured now makes attack it a big risk, I gotta say I do love what the devs have done with weapons and pvp now, it makes it so much better to live out there. Anyhow at the same time again I don’t understand how something (my sv) has 70 odd devices but only pays 1000cr o.0